OwO A Furry Printshop!

Let's get you all set up. What shall it be?

Currently Offering:

Full Color Vinyl Stickers & Decals
Any shape or Size! Die-cut or Kiss-Cut.
Glossy Heavyweight Canvas
Matte Wall Graphics
Pearlescent (Metallic) Prints
Gloss, Matte & Satin Posters
Buttons, Magnets, Labels & More!

Vendors & Venturers! You've come to the right place for custom printed goodies! While we continue to further develope ourselves, we hope you find this landing page helpful enough to get you started. Greatness awaits you! We're ready to give you a warm welcome over on Telegram ♥

Custom order commissions are currently:   OPEN     

Price ranges for: Stickers | Decals | Posters & Prints

Curious? Grab a $5 Sample Pack! Please reach out on telegram to have one shipped out!
Your $5 will even be credited towards your first order ♥

Some Of What Makes Us Great

  • Telegram Integrated

    Your questions, quotes, order WIPs and more, all handled on a familliar platform. Chat with a Furry!

  • International Shipping

    What was once limited to USA only orders, we're now exploring world wide shipping. Woot woot!

  • Giclée Prints

    Utilizing the finest technology in artistic printing with an industry grade wide-gamut pigment ink printer, using 12 unique ink colors.

  • Lightning Fast Turnaround

    From order to in-paw in a week. Most orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours. Last minute furcon orders? No problem!

  • NSFW Prints Welcomed

    Most print shops won't touch the spicy stuff. With others, it's an embarrasing journey. At Wilde Prints, we're all Furries!

  • Royalties

    Instant savings & commission when you refer a friend or print your own artwork with us. Immediately usable as credit! Cash-out amount to be determined.

  • Most Filetypes Accepted

    No need to worry about converting your prints to CMYK, or PDF. Just pass us your JPG, PNG, etc. We'll take it from here!

  • Print Any Size

    Though 300dpi is preferred when printing, sometimes that just isn't possible. If you don't mind a possible slight blur, we'll print it!

  • Fandom Operated

    Keeping money within the Furry Fandom provides the resources needed to keep creativity and new ideas flowing. Thank you!

  • Straight to Your Customers

    Wanting to spare yourself the pain of Logistics? Have us print & ship your orders directly to your customers!

  • Strive for Five

    100% of our customers thus far have been thrilled by the quality and handling of our work. Samples available!

  • 24" by Any Length

    Treat yourself to a life sized poster of yourself in costume! Prints can be up to 24" on their shortest side.

  • « I put in a great amount of work, research, time and financing into Wilde Prints to bring you the best I possibly could. I trust that you'll at least give me a try sometime! »

    @SeiRruf, Wilde

  • « I want to scream at every artist I know to use WildePrints because he was so much cheaper then stickermule and the colors look better then samples I got from stickermule,,,UGH THEY'RE SO GOOD »

    @FaultyDraws, Twitter

  • « Just LOOK at the detail and texture in this print @Aikowolf and I got from @WildePrints highly recommend their canvas prints! »

    @SkyeCabbit, Twitter

  • « AHHH I LOVE THESE PRINTS!! just finished redecorating my place and just waiting on frames to come in and my house can be furry trash x3 got this from @WildePrints been getting all my stickers from them and now posters! Check them out! »

    @AikoWolf, Twitter

  • « So I ordered some stickers from @WildePrints since stickermule wouldn't print my file bigger than 2". Needless to say - WOW. I'm super impressed by the quality on these stickers, and they're huge! »

    @Riley_Coyote_, Twitter

  • « Also, I highly recommend @WildePrints!! Communication, price, quality, all amazing! The stickers shipped out super quickly too »

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  • « AMAZING STICKERS by @WildePrints I 100% recommend them for all sticker printing needs. Not sure what to do with all of these but I will think of something. UwU. »

    @Furry_the_Jake, Twitter

  • « I'm really digging these samples from @WildePrints »

    @FoxApproved, Twitter

  • « Got these stickers in the mail, really nice quality! I think I know where to go next time I want to get some stickers made 👀 Thanks @WildePrints! »

    @sagebrushstuff, Twitter

An everlasting  Thank You  to our early backers

This all may not have been possible without their support <3

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Have a few questions? Of course you do. We've got answers!

Is my art ever sold without my consent?

No! Never! Wilde Prints handles custom print orders. Your work will never be resold or shipped out unless you've requested otherwise.

Why choose Wilde Prints over other print shops?

Keeping business within the Furry Fandom while supporting us little guys helps build a more creatively bright future!

What can and can't I have printed?

You may print any artwork you own, or have permission to print. This includes NSFW! Illustrations promoting illegal behaviors are forbidden. Unsure? Just ask!

I need massive quantities. Is this possible?

Currently, you receive a discounted bulk price for sticker orders up to 300-500 pieces, depending on size. Quantities beyond this amount may be charged at a fixed rate (we'd start losing money. we're smol!). Posters & other prints may vary. Quotes are free!

What is "Giclée" printing?

Giclée printers feature a wide range of unique color ink tanks to reproduce the widest gamut for professional photography. This often includes dedicated red and blue inks in addition to CMYK. The ink used is pigment based rather than dye based, giving your prints a richer color as well as additional fade and bleed resistance. Pigment inks sit on top of the paper, rather than soak into it. In this case, we use an industrial grade 24" wide format printer to handle your orders. This machine takes 12 colors, C PC M PM Y MBK PBK G PG R B CO.

How should I be preparing my artwork?

Your artwork should be at a resolution of at least 300dpi (pixels per inch) and a canvas size of 300px per inch desired. It is always best to go large. Scaling down is no problem!

Another printer turned down my low-res image. Can you help?

Absolutely! We've found that even some low-res images print beautifully on their own. We also offering A.I. based image upscaling for your design(s). Let's do this!

Can you sell & ship my designs for me?

This is a feature we're striving for. Eventually, our site will open up as a place not only to order custom pieces for yourself, but also as a market place to buy other's work as well. Fulfilled entirely by Wilde Prints! More details on this to come. Can't wait? Send us a message and we'll talk!

I would like to collaborate with Wilde Prints!

This makes our hearts melt <3 Thank you! For current collaboration opprotunities, please message us. We're always looking to make new friends.